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Artemis LED Neckplate

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Unparalleled coverage with high density LEDS.

This is K-Beauty Tech. Forged by the goddesses of the Korean beauty industry for the Artemis Generation. Built for those who seek the "glass" appearance and those who wish to sustain it's ethereal allure.


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360 LEDS


If you're someone who loves skincare or wants a non-invasive at home customizable way to improve the texture, tone, and quality of your skin... you should check out LED masks in particular the Artemis

Dr. Charles Puza - Dermatologist

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The device actually comes with an app that can be helpful for you to program and customize particular settings and access them for easily for future use. You can also setup the device to treat certain areas of the face and neck with certain colors of light

Dr. Lisa Akintilo - Dermatologist

Customer Reviews

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Andrea S
What a journey!

I'm on day 304 as of writing this and looking back of course I wish I started sooner. But I learned that it's not too late to start your skincare journey no matter where you are in life. This Artemis mask and neck plate have literally took time off the clock for my skin. Yes it takes time and commitment but my results have been worth it. My jaw line and the skin around my neck is lifted. Probably most notably my acne scars have been significantly reduced. Overall skin texture is night and day from where I started.

Layla S
Clients are loving it

The Artemis LED Mask has exceeded our expectations in terms of effectiveness and client satisfaction. The neck plate unit is a unique feature that sets this LED mask apart from others on the market, providing comprehensive coverage and treating a wider range of skincare concerns. Our clients love the convenience of having this treatment done in-spa, and the results have been fantastic. We're proud to offer this cutting-edge technology to our clients and see the positive impact it has on their skin.

Melissa F
Great tool if you can afford it

We get to be the skin fairy with the Artemis LED system. All of our clients who have got to experience it have all come back for more and I'm sure having the customizable treatment is definitely the reason. Seriously, this is a no brainer. You can't do that with the lamps, those are literal "blanket" treatments.

Rochelle S
Obsessed with my clientele results!

I have multiple clients I have used this on. But the one I'd like to share is this fabulous lady who is getting married this weekend. I had to share her skin journey because she was absolutely GLOWING last night.

She has always struggled with a complex skin condition called Melasma, in which the skin over produces pigment. This can happen in response to a combination of hormones, stress, UV rays, sun damage, and heat over time.

Her before photo is from three months ago and her after is from yesterday. She looks and feels amazing, and she made the most stunning bride. I had her come in three times per week for treatments with the Artemis combined with a very light korean skincare routine of toner and moisturizer.

Kyla A
I'm obsessed!

So I got this as a gift. I know! Lucky Me! And I've been using it regularly for the past month. My skin is clearer and more radiant, and the dark circles under my eyes have diminished. So it's definitely doing something!

The thing about LED systems like this is that long term consistent use is more likely to lead to better results. The Artemis LED Mask and Neck Plate is a super easy and non-invasive way to get these high technology treatments in the comfort of your own home

Dr. Andrew Park - Dermatologist


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