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Auto Mode Guide

This mode can be activated in the app or be used without the app. To use without the app you will need to do longer tap holds to activate and change the settings. So do not be alarmed if the colors change mid session, this is normal because multiple colors are invovled in auto mode.


Elasticity - This setting is for those who are primarily seeking anti-aging. Loss of skin elasticity is known officially as elastosis – the degeneration of skin tissue due to ageing and other factors. Studies have shown this can be improved by boosting collagen and elastin which is what red led light therapy + NIR has been shown to be effective for. 


Trouble - This setting is for those who are primarily seeking anti-acne. Studies have shown blue light therapy to be effective for minimizing the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. Combined with green light therapy to help reduce inflammation, it's going to help put those acne troubles away.


Whitening - This setting is for those who want to reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation and brighten your overall complexion. Studies have shown yellow LED light therapy is effective for reducing redness while green in this case helps reduce the dark spots and hyperpigmenation. Combined together it makes the perfect formula to give your skin a brightening boost. 


Smoothing - This setting is for those who are looking to get a smoother overall complexion. If you have bumpy areas, studies have shown the combination of green and cyan/sky blue help reduce inflammation and broken capillaries that are often the culprits. 


Homme - This setting is primarily for males but can still be used by females. It uses a heavy treatment of Red+NIR followed by blue light. 


V-Line - This setting is primarily for those who want to focus on their v-line on their face as the name suggests. It uses Red+NIR and blue light therapy.


Anti-Dust - This setting is for those that feel the need to do skincare based on their environment. Particles and dust in the air can irritate the skin so the focus here is primarily reducing inflammation with green and cyan/skyblue.

Updated on 16 Feb 2023