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Start Here - Time Usage/Recommendations



First and foremost it's important to understand that everyone is different. As a result, your needs will vary comparatively to others.


Secondly, it's good to have a clean face before using. Do not apply serums/toners/moisturizers before using as they may reflect light which reduces the efficacy. These can all be applied afterwards.


For home users, we do have a baseline recommendation for starting your journey with Artemis.


10 min per day at intensity 7 for 3-5x per week using the colors/modes you think you need most. You can do this for 2 weeks and adjust from there.


So whether you are using expert mode or using the Artemis system without the app, this is a good baseline to start with! 


You may increase the time and intensity of up to 30 min per day should you feel the desire to in the future. 


If you're using it on clients, it's best to diagnose what your customer needs most and then raise the intensity to a higher level 8 - 10 since they will not likely be getting a treatment daily. You can do a 30 minute session with your client.





Updated on 13 Apr 2023